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Planned expansion of Applikon Biotechnology

Planned expansion of Applikon Biotechnology

Planned expansion of Applikon Biotechnology

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Cepezedprojects has been contracted to design the expansion of the Applikon Biotechnology headquarters in Delft on the science park of Delft Technical University.
The current facility  has been constructed in 2013 in close cooperation with Cepezedprojects and Cepezedarchitects.
Since we moved into our new facilities we have a experienced a growth beyond our expectations resulting in the need for a next step in the development of Applikon Biotechnology. The expansion will result in 2.000 m² of office and production space. One of the goals of the design is that the current business will have to continue without interference from the work on the new expansion.
The new three office floors will be a symmetric extension of the current office building on top of the production hall. The production facility itself will be extended with another 1.000 m² in North-Eastern direction.
The original design of the building included the option to expand the building without losing its character and design aspects. A new parking facility is also part of the design contract.
Realization of the plans will take approximately 6 to 8 months after start of construction.

Applikon Biotechnology BV building 2015

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