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Introducing Lucullus, Process Information Management System


Lucullus, Turning Data into Information

Everybody wants to complete their work quickly and retrieve that can be easily interpreted to find valuable solutions. Easier said than done. Complex matrices can be challenging in designing your experiments and allocating resources. Data needs to be retrieved from various analytical tools and multiple data bases. Consolidating all this and being able to interpret it into meaningful information can be a daunting task.

Applikon offers a tool that will put you back in control of your work. Lucullus Process Information Management System (PIMS) is the only software offering an integrated workflow solution that starts with planning and ends with data analysis in upstream fermentation development.

Synoptic Lucullus

The main modules of Lucullus PIMS are:

  • Planning, activities around the planning of recipes, reactor allocation and Design of Experiments
  • Preparation, media preparation, storage and component trace-ability
  • Execution, (parallel) process execution and data presentation and storage
  • Evaluation, data analysis, presentation, automatic reporting, modelling and comparison of data between different cultures 


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